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Boutique customers demand a high level of quality in their garments as well as their customer service.  Why not be able to offer them any information and assistance available?

Gift Cards

Why not show your appreciation of your better clients with a Hilker’s Dry Cleaning gift card.  Just give us a call and we will provide you with a supply of $10 off Dry Cleaning gift cards for you to help them keep their boutique garments like new.

Cleaning and restoration of stock

It may be an item that arrived with some staining, wrinkling, or damage during transit – something that you need to salvage, because replacement is not an option. At Hilker’s Cleaners, we have the patience, eye for detail, and range of expertise to correct such problems.

Spot Cleaning of Garments

The invisible mishaps that occur when goods are being tried on by a client can be corrected. Lipstick or make-up stains will be safely removed without the necessity of cleaning the entire garment. This can be especially important with items that intrinsically have limited serviceability.

Direct delivery or shipping to your clients

The sale is made – but at the last minute, your client notices a problem with the garment. No problem, we can address whatever issue exists, and either deliver or ship the garment directly to your client.

Free testing of fabrics and trimmings

Although this typically takes place upstream from the retail level, there may be situation in which you need to know the serviceability of a special trimming or customizing feature before proceeding, Hilker’s can provide a comprehensive report by testing with at least 4 different processes to find the safest care method.

Protect your clients’ investment in your fashions

The most important benefit a relationship with Hilker’s Cleaners provides is knowing that in our care, the fashions with which your clients leave your boutique will stay fresh and vibrant for years, Our Safe Cleaning Guarantee, coupled with our unsurpassed technical expertise eliminate the worry and hassle which plague those who settle for mediocre drycleaning.  Make sure to request a supply of Dry Cleaning Gift Cards from Hilker's Cleaners

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