Christening Gown

Christening Gowns are our most popular preservation and restoration item following Wedding Gowns!

At Hilker’s Fabric and Couture Care we are well aware that one day this tiny garment will likely be worn by another generation. However, other families have chosen to have their Christening Gowns cleaned and preserved for a Shadow Box Display in their homes.

We employ the same skills necessary for our Wedding Gown Restoration and Preservation and Vintage Garment Preservation services, and apply them to the smaller garments of our newest customers. We are proud to offer cleaning, preservation and restoration services for Christening Gowns and First Communion Dresses.


Heirloom and Antique Preservation

There are a myriad of other cherished antique items and heirlooms such as hand-made quilts, cultural traditional garments, vintage clothing, unpreserved antique wedding gowns, furs or costumes which can also be restored, repaired and preserved.

Hilker’s Fabric and Couture Care can help make yesterday’s memories last a lifetime!

Often we see that these items have been stored inappropriately; exposed to moisture, bugs, vast temperature changes, with damaging food or element stains that were not removed prior to storage. The yellowing that can occur can often be reversed. Some types of degradation of fabrics can be repaired as well.


Historical Preservation

If you or a loved one has served in the Armed Forces, Hilker’s Fabric and Couture Care can not only help keep a military uniform or flag clean and safe, but Preserved for a lifetime!

Hilker’s Fabric and Couture Care can restore and preserve Military and Armed Forces Uniforms. Taking our knowledge of Specialty Fabric cleaning and restoration, we have extended that knowledge and application to these very special piece of History: uniforms and flags. The garments and flags are delicate, unique, and have memories all family memories will all want to preserve for the generations to come.

If you have a memory that is worth preserving, please stop by or make an appointment for a free consultation with our Restoration, Preservation & Couture Specialist located at the Creedmoor Road Stonehenge Marketplace location!

Ask about qualifying for our free Military Flag Cases with your flag Restoration!


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