Leather, Suede, and Fur-Natural Skins

At Hilker’s Fabric and Couture Care our professional experience in the cleaning, restoration and finishing of suede, leather and fur keeps your items looking fabulous. Our services help preserve your garments, allowing them to maintain a newer look for a longer period of time by not only removing damaging soil and stains, but also by replenishing the natural oils your garment may lose over time.

Leathers and Suede


There are many types of leather and suede skins used in today’s fashion markets, varying types of quality and color. The dyes used in certain leather and suede garments can be unstable and most often, specialized cleaning care is required. Because of these variations, it our policy to test garments individually prior to cleaning to determine the best way to proceed with each piece.

Leather and suede have natural irregularities that give off a natural rugged look that we, as consumers, find so appealing. At Hilker’s Fabric and Couture Care we use fine conditioners and cleaners, taking extra time to gently remove dirt and soil, various types of stains such as ink, oils, natural body stains, food-based stains and unknown chemicals where possible, leaving the leather soft and supple again. Our process preserves the leather's natural appearance by replenishing the tanning oils lost through wear and tear, age and use. If necessary we may recommend re-dying (painting) of the material’s skin to restore the like-new look and color vibrancy.


fur-coatItems made of fur are luxurious and should be handled accordingly. Standard use of a fur or fur-lined piece exposes them to elements like dust, dirt, moisture, dryness, sunlight and salt, as well as natural heat and oils emitted by the human body. It is extremely important to both clean and condition your furs on a regular basis, which is something we have perfected at Hilker’s Fabric and Couture Care.

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