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Specialty Fabrics and Embellishments

specialtyWhether it is a silk scarf, an ornate hand decorated garment with bead-work, fine linen, or whites, Hilker’s treats each multi-media garment with the gentleness and attention they deserve. We gently clean the most delicate of fabrics – silks, velvets, crepe, organza and more. Our whites are spectacularly bright and linens as crisp as you wish! You can trust us with your best and finest.

Men's Attire

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At Hilker’s Cleaners, we are conscious of the fine lines in Men’s wardrobes, whether off the rack or custom made. A man’s clothing tells much about the man who is wearing them. Making his appearance and statement clear and convincing time and again is our job. We give attention to all the special details that make the difference. You are assured hand-finished rolled edges, rolled lapels, no pocket or seam impressions. In short, we work to ensure that whether you are in town, or traveling, you always look your best. Let us worry about your wardrobe – so your time can be devoted to the truly important things that demand your attention.

Ladies Attire

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The technicians at Hilker’s Cleaners are personally trained by our Fabric Care Experts to gently clean the most delicate of fabrics with extra gentle cleansing products that protect natural fibers and revives their innate colors and textures.

Proper care preserves even your casual clothing for long-lasting comfort and wear. We stay on top of the latest in fashion and textiles and the wide variety of fabrics today and their special care requirements. From synthetics and blends to 100% organic fibers, we promise your casual clothing will look its best.

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